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مواضيع مقترحة لشهادة التعليم المتوسط في مادة اللغة الانجليزية

متابعي و زوار موقع الطالب الجزائري شبكة للتعليم نت  يسرنا أن نضع بين أيديكم و تحت تصرفكم ملفا خاصا بمستواكم ، و يتمثل في Proposed subject for the B.E.M in the english language
مواضيع مقترحة لشهادة التعليم المتوسط في مادة اللغة الانجليزية
 كم انه قد تجدون في الموقع مجموعة من دروس وتمارين مميزة جدا في النحو والاعراب لجميع المستويات لشهادة التعليم المتوسط في مادة اللغة العربية قد تساعدكم ان شاء الله في التحضير لـ BEM والحصول على علامة ممتازة جدا
شهادة التعليم المتوسط BEM

في هذا الموقع ستجد كــل مــا تحتاجــه في دراسـتـك مــن ملفــات و مستجدات مرتبة و منظمة حسب المواد مجانا و بسهولة يشرفنا ان نكون دليلك ومرجعك
Proposed subject for the B.E.M in the english language
مواضيع مقترحة لشهادة التعليم المتوسط في مادة اللغة الانجليزية
proposed subject 1
 english test

text :              king and queens

The actual queen of England is Elizabeth 2 as everybody knows . she has reigned for several years over great britain , northern ireland and the british commenwealth . she was born in 1926 . her husband was not born in England but in Greece . they have got two children : prince Charles and prince anne . queen Elizabeth 's father was George VI .  he died in 1952 .  the beautifull place where the royal family always lives in london is called buckingham palace .                                ( from an english book )

part one : reading comprehension
A-read the text and answer these questions
1-) is england a republic ?
2-) where was the queen's husband born ?
3-) how old is elizabeth ?

B-what do these words refer to in the text
they :
he :

C- lexis
1-) find in the text words that are closest in meaning of the following :
present =.................                                                      named = .................
2-) find in the text words that are opposite to the meaning of the following :
wife = .....................                                                       never =.....................

part two : mastery of language
A- complete these tag questions
1-) elizabeth 2 has reigned for years .......................?
2-) the royal family doesn't live in the white house ...................?

B- classify these verbs to regular verbs and irregular verbs : 
 to know - to reign - to live - to tell - to cook - to go

part three : written expression
write the biography of famous person that you know or you have already studied about


reading comprehension


1-) no , it is not
2-) the queen's husband was born in greece
3-) elizabeth II is 90 years old 

they : refer to queen elizabeth and her husband
he : refer to her father

1-) present = actual                                               named = called
2-) wife # husband                                               never # always

mastery of language

1-) elizabeth II  has reigned for years , hasn't she ?
2-) the royal family doesn't live in the white house , does it ?

regular : to reign  - to live   -  to cook
irregular : to know  -  to  tell  -  to go

written expression
the composition must be of about (8 to 10 lines ) or 120 words  - written by the student him/herself

proposed subject 2

english subject 2
Text: Yesterday morning at 9.30a.m. two bikers died in a tragic accident on a sharp bend on Airport Road. The bikers were talking to each other while they were overtaking a lorry which was travelling in the direction of Heathrow Airport. Apparently they were having morning exercise in preparation for the Tour de France. Two motorcyclists were coming from Heathrow Airport while looking at a low-flying landing airplane. “ They were riding very fast”, an eyewitness said. The collision between the motorcyclists and the bikers blocked the traffic for more than two hours. Two policemen were investigating the accident when we arrived on the scene.
       ( From On the Move , student’s textbook MS4, ONPS ,ed.2006)

                        I.      Reading Comprehension ( 7 points )

a)   Read the text .Write – true or false – and justify your answers.(3pts)
§  Yesterday morning at 9.30a.m, two bikers died in a deadly accident.
§  They were riding slowly.
§  The bikers were hit by a lorry.
b)          Answer the following questions according to the text.( 2pts)
§  Did the two bikers die yesterday afternoon ?
§  Did the traffic block last more than two hours?
c)           Lexis ( 2pts) 
1)    Find synonyms to the following words from the text.
accident = ………                         * stopped = ………..
2)    Find antonyms to the following words from the text.
high ¹ …………                           * taking off ¹ ……..

                           II.Mastery of language.(7points)
a)          Syntax (5 pts)
1)           Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.( 3pts)
a)             What ( to happen ) while it ( to rain) ?
b)            After they heard about the accident, the policemen ( to arrive).
2)           Supply punctuation and capitalization where necessary.(2pts).
the driver john had a terrible accident . 

b)          Pronunciation (2pts).
Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of the final – ed - :
blocked – died – finished – ended .

/ d /
/ t /
Id /

               III.               Written production .( 6 points) .

You have recently witnessed a road accident and you have been shocked .

First suggestion: Write a letter to the local authorities. Express your worries about the increasing number of road accidents in Algeria .

Second  suggestion: Suggest a series of measures to prevent road accidents.
proposed subject 3

english subject 3
Angry   Holiday    Makers
      A group of tourists who recently visited Algeria after reading an ad brochure on a web-site complained about the unsatisfactory conditions. They said there was no water in their rooms, bad accommodation , lack of transport… The food , they  had was not as delicious as promised in the ad. The service was terrible .
     They said if they did not have their money back , they would write an official  complaint to the authorities .
       ( From On the Move , student’s textbook MS4, ONPS ,ed.2006)

/ Comprehension  ( 7 points )

          A . Read the passage  and answer the following questions
              1.  Did the tourists have an enjoyable stay in Algeria ?
              2. Did the travel agency  respect its promise ?
              3.Was the food delicious ?

         B/ Choose  a ,b or c to complete  the following sentences .

1.     There are …….interesting sites to visit in Algeria
a.     not any
b.    few
c.      many

    2.The group of tourists found the ad in ……
      a. papier
      b. magazine
      c. Internet
        C/ LEXIS
a.     Find in the text two adjectives with a negative meaning
  - …………..
B . Find in the text two words that are closest in meaning to
     a. Tasteful         ……………             ……………..

GRAMMAR ( 7points )
a/ Syntax
Spot the mistake and correct it .
1.The tourists buyed  souvenirs from Algeria .
2.The ad stated that the tourists would visit the goodest sites .


    1.Rewrite the following sentence using “he”
    I always  behave well with tourists who visit my country .

    2.Rewrite the following sentence into the negative form
    The tourists enjoyed their stay in Algeria .

2.     Turn into plural
The tourist  is taking photos .

C/ Pronunciation
Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of the final “ s” sound
1.Tourists           2.  services         3. rooms      

            Writing ( 6points)

     Few tourists come to visit Algeria .
    You have good  ideas on how to improve tourism. You can make  a leaflet or a cartoon to encourage  tourists to come to  our country .
بالتوفيـــــــــــــق للجميع ونتمنى لكم النجاح بإذن الله

ملاحظة : في حالة وجود خطأ أو عطب ، او اضافة لقائمة الدروس نرجوا عدم التردد في التواصل معنا
وخير الكلام ما قل ودل وبعد هذا الجهد المتواضع أتمنى أن أكون موفقا في هذا الموضوع ولامقصرا في حقكم، وفقني الله وإياكم لما فيه صالحنا جميعا .لا تحرم زملائك و أصدقائك من فائدة هذا الملف و أجرك على المولى عزوجل ، شارك الملف لجميع أصدقائك

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